Fresh and Food provisions

(vegetables, fruits, all meat kinds, fishes – cabines stores …etc.)  Seafood Fresh & Frozen, Chicken Poultry Fresh & Frozen, , Dairy Goods,  Small goods, Fruit,  Vegetables ,Beef,Meat Frozen, Pork, Lamb, Fats,Pasta,Flours, Biscuits, Tinned Vegetables, Frozen Vegetables & Fish Salted, Preservers,Tinned fruits, Sauces-Dressings Various Fruit
Juices& Spices, Dry Goods, Confectionery, General Groceries Beverages,Juices Etc.. & Cabin Stores (Soaps- Cleaning Productstoilet Paper-Paper Napkins- Kitchenware Etc

canned foods include – Canned Fruit Cocktail – Canned Peaches -Canned Pineapple – Canned Tomatoes – Canned Asparagus – Canned Tuna – Canned Sardines – Canned Peas – Canned Mushroom – Evaporated Milk – Condensed Milk – Canned Bamboo Shoots – Canned Cooking Oil ..

our cabin supplies is as follows… ( Toilet Rolls – Soap – Detergents -Disinfectants – Sheets -Towels )

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